Halloween - This Week's Quiz (October 25th, 2009)

This Saturday, October 31st, is Halloween. We will explore the holiday, it's origins, traditions and more. As you get ready by purchasing candy for the kids and help your little ones with their costumes.

Halloween is a very popular holiday for children, because they love to dress-up and get all the sweets from trick-or-treating. Many adults love it too because it provides an opportunity to dress up and act wild.

The Quiz

Pope Gregory III  

...Hallowed Be Thy Name...

Pope Gregory III (731-741) wanted to supplant the Celtic pagan holiday of Samhain with All Saints Day by moving it from May 13 to November 1. What is the origin of the name Halloween?


Halloween, the Movie  

Beam Us Up Mr. Scot

What is the name of the antagonist in the Halloween movies? Oh, by the way, the mask was purchased for $1.98 and it was a William Shatner mask painted white.



Here's a hint: Caspar, Collista Flockhart, Ann Coulter and Martin Brodeur

The tradition of wearing which types of costumes were expected to scare off demons?



Wipe that Smile Off Your Face

Which Halloween prank involves throwing rolls of toilet paper through the trees of your victim leaving streamers of white tissue hanging in the branches?



The Sweet Truth is Kind of Corny

Which Halloween candy is the most popular based on sales for the holiday season?





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