Astro Boy - This Week's Quiz (October 25th, 2009)

The new 3D movie, Astro Boy was release in the United States last week. And this week is the birthday of Tezuka Osamu, the creator of Astroboy originally known as Tetsuwan ATOM, literally meaning "Iron-Armed Atom". Released into theaters this past week, Astro Boy is a 3D computer-animated movie based on the original manga comic book from Japan.

This week's quiz will explore the the origins of Astro Boy and his long history of print, TV and now movies.

The Quiz

Tezuka Osamu  

Here you go Astroboy!

Astro Boy was created during the post World War II Allied Occupation Japan in a form of publication that the Japanese made famous with young readers worldwide. Literally translated as "whimsical pictures" this type of publication is more commonly known as?


Astro Boy  

It Rhymes with Anna May

The creator of Astro Boy, Tezuka Osamu, is known as the "Godfather of Manga" in his native Japan. But when Astro Boy was brought to the small screen in the 1960's as a TV series he also helped create another Japan entertainment staple known around the world. Do you know what it is?


Astroboy 1950  

She's Got Betty Davis Eyes

The "Large Eyes" so popular in Japanese comics and animation was invented by Tezuka Osamu from inspiration of what US animated characters?



Who IS this Astro Boy?

Astro Boy is?



[C]an you [G]uess [I]t?

Imagi Animation Studios created the new 3D animated movie, Astro Boy. This movie is a CGI animated movie. What does CGI stand for?





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